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This web site is a set of tutorials help to new Drupal 8 developers and persons who want to be a Drupal 8 developer or a webmaster. The level of the tutorials are start from very basic (beginners) and can be very complex (Experts). I hope the site is useful for you and you are welcome to share your knowledge, ideas and experience. Thank you.

Drupal 8 breadcrumb functions (menu_get_active_trail, and menu_link_get_preferred ...)

Submitted by editor on Mon, 09/26/2016 - 10:57


Those functions [ menu_set_active_item(), menu_set_active_trail(), menu_get_active_trail(), menu_link_get_preferred() ] are removed on D8 and replaces with drupal 8 service. You can use following example to get data and to edit.

Example :