Add CSS stylesheets to a module | Drupal 8

Add CSS stylesheets to a module

Submitted by editor on Wed, 11/18/2015 - 10:44

How to add a css file / libraries in a module.

There are several ways to do that.

1. Styling a programmatically created block.
1.1 Add a librarie.
 -> Create a file modulename.libraries.yml
-> Add css file, Exemple:
  version: 1.x
      css/style.css: {}

1.2 Create CSS file and put it in to the module_folder/css/style.css
1.3 Attach librarie to the block
In your build() methode, add to the output array,
    $output[]['#attached']['library'][] = 'modulename/my-block-styling';

Add / Attaching a library from a Twig template

{{ attach_library('MODULENALE/my-style') }}

To remove a style sheet

  - '@classy/css/components/tabs.css'
  - core/assets/vendor/normalize-css/normalize.css

Adding stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) to a Drupal 8 theme


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