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  • To the same placeholder, we will add up to 5 ads (rotating 5sec / each).
  • We will add several placeholders and position may change times to time.
  • The site is responsive, therefor size of the ad can be change and adapt to the screen..
  • The ad will open in new tab/page (target='_blank').
  • The price 1USD / Day is valid for the test period.
  • Minimum duration is 1 Week (7 Days) and maximum is 30 days.
  • The ad mustn't damage the site harmony.
  • Animations are not allow.
  • We accept family safe ads ONLY. We reserve rights to accept or refuse any kind of ads.
  • Those conditions are subject to change any time.


Ad Size : 300px X 250px

Ad format : JPG only.

Prices : For the testing period price is fix to 1USD / Day, with minimum duration of 7 Days (7USD/Week).

Payment Method : PayPal only

Site Statistic : More than 1000 Pages view / Day (On week days) and 5000 Pages / Week. Statistic

Procedure and Steps

  • Step 1. Contact us with the duration of your ad.
  • Step 2. We will reply with a PayPal payment link.
  • Step 3. Send us your ad, Link, description text and the payment.
  • Step 4. Once accepted, Your ad will publish for the period.
  • Note : If your ad is rejected, you can send another ad or we can refund you.


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