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Bootstrap Layouts | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Bootstrap Layouts project Link : Bootstrap Layouts
Created : 2016-02-12
Last Update : 2018-01-22
Current Version : 8.x-5.1
Download Bootstrap Layouts 8.x-5.1 Version From : Download


This project is a combination of Display Suite Bootstrap Layouts and Panels Bootstrap Layouts for Drupal 8.

The idea comes from this comment:

Display Suite Bootstrap Layouts and Panels Bootstrap Layouts - there isn't necessarily a reason to have two separate modules anymore, since Panels and Display Suite both use layout_plugin to register their layouts.

Available layouts can be found at - If there is a layout that you wish and is not available feel free to open an new issue and we will added for you.




  • Configuration will depend on which project is been use to display it, either Display Suite or Panels. But from this project all you need to is installed.

Bootstrap Layout vs Radix Layouts

  • Radix Layouts - This was mainly design to work with Panopoly and the Radix. As results, Radix Layouts uses some unnecessary css if you are not using Panopoly.
  • Bootstrap Layouts - it was design to work with any Bootstrap theme. This project is a lot more lightweight with less wrapper around than Radix Layouts.