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Entity Construction Kit (ECK) | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Entity Construction Kit (ECK)
Drupal.org project Link : Entity Construction Kit (ECK)
Created : 2016-01-23
Last Update : 2017-01-03
Current Version : 8.x-1.0-alpha3
Download Entity Construction Kit (ECK) 8.x-1.0-alpha3 Version From Drupal.org : Download

The Entity Construction Kit (ECK) builds upon the entity system to create a flexible and extensible data modeling system both with a UI for site builders, and with useful abstractions (classes, plugins, etc) to help developers use entities with ease.

ECK allows the creation and management of entity types with custom properties; adding bundles to entity types; and fields to bundles, with the help of the Field UI module.

If that last sentence sounded like a foreign language, I suggest reading the first section of ECK's documentation: Understanding Entity Terminology

A fairly recent video demonstrating ECK's capabilities was created by Shane at Code Karate: Drupal 7 Entity Construction Kit. This video should get most site builders going.

An older summary on what ECK could do on 7.x-1.1-alpha3 can be found in Jeff Eaton's article: Module Monday: Entity Construction Kit.

If you are developer and want to extend ECK, please checkout the more in depth, Documentation here in drupal.org. If the piece of documentation you were needing is missing, please let us know through the Issue queue. We easily surrender to peer pressure.


For Site Builders

  • User Interface for managing entity types, bundles, and entities
  • Dynamically add or delete properties from any entity type built with ECK
  • Add functionality offered by ECK or other modules to any of your properties through the new behavior system

For Developers

  • Classes to create an manipulate entity types and bundles with ease
  • ECK introduces a ctools plugin-type called 'property behavior'. Behaviors are useful to write functionality that can be attached to any property


A roadmap of how the development of ECK will continue can be found here: #2382255: ECK D7, D8 roadmap.