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Forty Two | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Forty Two project Link : Forty Two
Created : 2015-11-23
Last Update : 2018-03-12
Current Version : 8.x-3.6
Download Forty Two 8.x-3.6 Version From : Download

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, of course, is 42.
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Drupal theming, of course, is FortyTwo.

A modern responsive base theme incorporating the latest technologies like Gulp, Sass, BrowserSync and more.

A Drush command is available for easy sub theming.

FortyTwo is Drupal 8 ready.

Development of FortyTwo is sponsored and supported by Finalist


  • Full responsiveness (fluid, adaptive) including a grid background and responsive identifier for theming purposes.
  • A cool login screen (if enabled in theme config)
  • Configurable content and sidebar position
  • Configurable javascript libraries like enquire.js and lodash
  • SASS and Gulp included, including browsersync
  • And more!


For more info and documentation about this theme, please refer to the FortyTwo README or check out this page.


  • Demo theme included as sub theme;
  • Admin theme included as sub theme;

Sites built with FortyTwo

This is a list of some sites built with FortyTwo.

If you have any feature requests, please don't hesitate to add them to the issue queue!