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Project Name : Geofield project Link : Geofield
Created : 2014-10-28
Last Update : 2018-03-06
Current Version : 8.x-1.0-beta4
Download Geofield 8.x-1.0-beta4 Version From : Download

Geofield is a module for storing geographic data in Drupal 7 & Drupal 8. It supports all geo-types (points, lines, polygons, multitypes etc.)

Drupal 8 and GeoPHP library dependency

Since 8.x-1.0-alpha2 version, this module is not depending on GeoPHP module anymore. The GeoPHP library dependency is being managed through composer. Please read for more information about composer dependencies.

Widgets (Data Input)

Latitude and Longitude
Supports entering data as both Decimal Degrees (122.340932) and Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (-123° 49' 55.2" W). The Degrees-Minutes-Seconds input is very tolerant of inconsistent input.

Bouding Box
Four textfields where lat / lon can be entered

Well Known Text (WKT)
A textarea for direct WKT input

Draw on an OpenLayers Map
Allows drawing of Points, Lines, Polygons and Bouding Boxes

HTML5 Geolocation
Transparently asks the browser for the user's current location. Works great on Chrome and smartphones with GPS.

Geocode from another field
There is good Integrations with the Drupal 7 version of the Geocoder module ( This allows you to use data from one field to populate your geofield automatically. Supported geocoders include:

  • Google Geocoder: Addressfield, textfield
  • Yahoo Geocoder: Addressfield, textfield
  • KML: filefield, textfield
  • GPX: filefield, textfield
  • GeoJSON: filefield, textfield
  • Geotagged Image: filefield, imagefield

Formatters (Data Output)

Latitude and Longitude
Supports display as both Decimal Degrees (122.340932) and Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (-123° 49' 55.2" W)

Well Known Text (WKT)


KML is the format used by Google Earth

GPX is the format used by GPS devices

OpenLayers Map
Display your data on a map, can use all of OpenLayers mapping functionality including behaviors and styles.

Setup and configuration

All you need to do is install the geoPHP module, which is required by geofield.

Compatible Modules

  • OpenLayers: A very powerful mapping system based on the OpenLayers JavaScript library.
  • Static Map: Simple maps based on Google Maps
  • Leaflet: Moderately powerful mapping system based on the Leaflet JavaScript library
  • Leaflet Widget: Input widget based on Leaflet library
  • Geocoder: Transform addresses, images, or file-uploads into Geofield locations
  • Geocoder AutoComplete: Auto-complete widget for Geocoder
  • Address Field: Holds internationally compatible postal addresses based on xNAL. Compatible with Geocoder.
  • Sync PostGIS: Sync geofield data into an external postGIS database, allowing you to perform full postGIS spatial queries.
  • Openlayers Apachesolr: Integrates OpenLayers, Apache Solr, and Geofield
  • Openlayers CCK Migrate: Migrate your old D6 openlayer_wkt fields to Geofield
  • RSS Field Formatters: Provides <georss:point>, <georss:polygon> etc. element for geofields
  • Views GeoJSON: Allows outputting of geofields into geoJSON using a view. Specifically useful with OpenLayers to build AJAX powered maps with lots of data.
  • Search API Location: Adds geospatial-based searching to the Search API module.
  • Spatial Tools: Tools for processing spatial files (ESRI Shapefiles, KML)
  • Geofield PostGIS: Provides a PostGIS backend plugin for geofield. Geofield geometries are stored directly in PostGIS geometry or geography columns.
  • Geofield Proximity Plugin: An add-on for the Geofield module with an alternative way to calculate distances from an origin point to polygons and multi-polygons in Views on single-valued and multi-valued Geofields.


  • Documentation (needs work)
  • README.txt
  • Book: Mapping with Drupal
  • OL Locator Feature - A feature-module that provides a pre-built starting point for working with OpenLayers, Addressfield, Geofield, and Gecoder. It can either be used as a starting point or as an example for how all the different pieces work together.


A special thanks to the following organization for sponsoring the development of geofield: HighWire Press, Phase 2, and GeoScienceWorld. Also, thanks to all of our contributing developers and many others who have helped with bug fixing and documentation.