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Outdated Browser | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Outdated Browser
Drupal.org project Link : Outdated Browser
Created : 2015-04-03
Last Update : 2017-09-19
Current Version : 8.x-1.0-beta2
Download Outdated Browser 8.x-1.0-beta2 Version From Drupal.org : Download

This module integrates the Outdated Browser library in Drupal.

It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version - in a very pretty looking way.

The library ships with various languages. Its look and feel is configurable, and the targeting browser can be configured either specifying a CSS property or an Internet Explorer version.

More info at: http://outdatedbrowser.com



  1. Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module. See: https://drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes/modules-7 for further information.
  2. Download and unpack the contents of the Outdated browser plugin in "sites/all/libraries". Make sure the path to the plugin file becomes: "sites/all/libraries/outdatedbrowser/outdatedbrowser/outdatedbrowser.min.js"

Drupal 8

Libraries API support has been removed from D8 version (you can read more about this in my blog post).

Drupal 8 does not not support IE 8 and below anymore. As a result of this, a standard D8 installation will lead to Javascript errors on IE8 and below. Being a JS-based solution, Outdated Browser won't be executed and shown at all. So if you don't want to put some extra effort into making D8 running on IE8, you'll need to rely on conditional comments instead. However, Outdated Browser is still a good choice for excluding other browser, e.g. IE9 or based on a certain CSS feature that your site needs to work correctly.

Alternatives and similar modules

  • Browser update - integrates the script from browser-update.org.
  • jReject - jQuery plugin showing a modal message prompting the visitors to upgrade their browser


The Outdated Browser module was originally developed and is currently
maintained by Mag. Andreas Mayr.

All initial development was sponsored by agoraDesign KG.