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Project Name : Pagerer project Link : Pagerer
Created : 2015-11-21
Last Update : 2018-02-14
Current Version : 8.x-1.3
Download Pagerer 8.x-1.3 Version From : Download

Pagerer is a module providing a collection of pager themes to enhance Drupal and Views standard pagers.

Administrators or site builders can preset multiple pager configurations. Each 'preset' allows a pager to be made up of three 'panes': left, center, and right. Each pane can contain (or not) a pager theme. In this way there is plenty of possibilities to combine different elements to satisfy complex requirements.

Pagerer allows to override Drupal's core pager with any of the preset configurations. Also, a built-in pager plugin for Views allows to use any of the preset pagers within any view.

Pagerer uses standard Drupal pager classes to render the pagers, so styling is preserved.

Module developers can also make direct calls to the themes, thus allowing even more complex scenarios.

Drupal 8 version:

Pagerer 8.x-1.0-rc1 release is for use with Drupal 8.0.0 and above.



  • multi-pane pager
  • Views pager plugin
  • control whether to display links to pages, to items, or to item ranges
  • direct input of the page to go to through an input widget
  • selection of the page to go to through a jQuery UI slider
  • selection of the page to go to through a client-side scrolling pager
  • links to progressively more distant pages (like +10, + 20, +100, +200)
  • adaptive logic links
  • specify text to be used to render page separators (like a vertical bar) and page breakers (like an ellipsis)
  • supports Views' AJAX enabled pager



  • pagerer_standard - alike standard Drupal pager theme
  • pagerer_progressive - provides links to pages progressively more distant from current
  • pagerer_adaptive - provides links to pages following an adaptive logic
  • pagerer_mini - minimal pager, providing direct page entry (requires jQuery Update module)
  • pagerer_scrollpane - provides page navigation through a scrolling pager (requires jQuery Update module)
  • pagerer_slider - provides page navigation through a jQuery UI slider (requires jQuery Update module)
  • pagerer - a multi-pane (left, center, and right) pager theme, enabling each pane to contain one of the themes above



  • Drupal 7
  • the Views pager plugin integrates with Views 3
  • jQuery update module (for pagerer_mini, pagerer_scrollpane and pagerer_slider themes)
  • for Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, the pagerer_slider and pagerer_scrollpane themes require IE 9+



  • Install and enable the module.
  • Check the Configuration page to setup.
  • Create and configure any number of 'preset' pagers.
  • Select a preset to use as a general replacement of Drupal core pager, or use a preset as a pager in Views.


Views pager plugin:

The pager plugin for Views introduces a new 'Paged output, Pagerer' option in the list of possible pagers to be used for a view.

It behaves like a 'full pager', with the additional option to select the Pagerer preset to be used for rendering the pager - so that every view could use a different preset, but also many views could use the same preset.


Developers can find documentations on Pagerer's themes here.


The ‘pagerer_mini’ theme concept and the javascript code is to a large extent the same of the Minimax pager module for Drupal 6 (i.e. proudly copied, thanks mattyoung).


See demo here.