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Project Name : Range
Drupal.org project Link : Range
Created : 2014-02-24
Last Update : 2017-03-12
Current Version : 8.x-1.1
Download Range 8.x-1.1 Version From Drupal.org : Download

D8 version

#D8CX: I pledge that Range will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

Most parts of the D7 version has been ported. See issue queue for details.

D7 version


This module is inspired by core Number module and inherits some of it's features. It provides numeric range field. Range field allows to save two numeric (integer, decimal or float) values (from and to), which represents some kind of range (for example: age range).

Module's form element labels, as well as prefixes/suffixes can be localized using Field translation module, part of Internationalization project.


Field types:

  • Integer range (range_integer)
  • Float range (range_float)
  • Decimal range (range_decimal)

The following settings can be specified:

  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Precision and scale [for decimal ranges]
  • Decimal separator [for decimal and float ranges]
  • FROM value prefix and suffix
  • TO value prefix and suffix
  • FIELD value prefix and suffix
  • COMBINED value prefix and suffix
  • FROM and TO form element labels


  • Two textfields


  • Default
  • Formatted string
  • Unformatted

Formatters have the following options:

  • Range separator
  • Combine equal values into a single one
  • Thousand separator
  • Decimal separator [for decimal & float ranges]
  • Scale [for decimal & float ranges]
  • Show FROM value prefix & suffix
  • Show TO value prefix & suffix
  • Show FIELD value prefix & suffix
  • Show COMBINED value prefix & suffix

Third party modules support


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