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Switch User Block in Drupal 8

Submitted by editor on Fri, 07/15/2016 - 10:40

How to add the 'Switch User' block on Drupal 8 ?

How to active Drupal Devel's Switch user Block ?

How to login as another user without entering username and password ?

Drupal 8 Devel module has an integrated switch user block.  This function allow you to switch users without logout/login (for the selected roles) and without entering user name and password. To activate a this block.

  1. Enable Drupal 8 'Devel' Module (/admin/modules)
  2. Add the block 'Switch user' (Catagory:Forms)  into a region you want, from
    '/admin/structure/block' -> 'Place block'
  3. Configure number of users you want to show, Allow entering any user name ...
  4. By default Only the 'ADMINISTRATOR' role can use this function, but you can change it on permissions page (/admin/people/permissions).
    CAUTION : do not allow this to anybody, because they can take your site's full control.


Note : This function is very similar to the 'Masquerade' module but lightweight.

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