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BEF : Views Exposed filter Options

Submitted by editor on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 11:14

1. How to group exposed fields of a view Exposed form ?

Group exposed fields of a view exposed form.

  1. Install the module "Better Exposed Filters" (BEF).[drush en better_exposed_filters -y]
  2. Go to : THE_VIEW-> Advanced -> Exposed form
  3. Set : Exposed form style = Better Exposed Filters
  4. Go to : "BEF Settings" and Active : "Enable fieldset around exposed forms"


NOTE : This module has a bug, redmine to re check " Require input before results are shown " and all options, because when you re edit this option  reset automatically.

See also

Views Exposed Form Fieldset (views_ef_fieldset)

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