Display a web page as print. Media Print Emulate For development and test

Submitted by editor on Wed, 03/08/2017 - 10:10

How to show a web page as print stylesheets to avoid print preview every time (for development and test) on Firefow and /or Chrome ?

How to inspect HTML page and elements as media print ?

Media Print Emulate on Chrome

(Tested on Chrome Version 56)

  1. Open Chrome DevTools (F12)
  2. Click ⋮ (vertical ellipsis)
  3. Choose More tools -> Rendering
  4. Tick Emulate CSS Media
  5. Select print


Media Print Emulate on FireFox

(Tested on Version 51)

  1. Open a Developer Toolbar command line (Shift + F2)
  2. Type:     media emulate print


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