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Simple Analyse

Submitted by editor on Mon, 11/23/2015 - 11:59

Simple Analyse allow to integrate a site analysis code easily.
User can use intanal tracking system (Very simple) and / or integrate a google analytics code, Piwik analytics code or any other custom code.
The integrated code can display on all pages, exclude admin pages or display only for anonymous users. Permission to view history of intanal statistic can manage, to display to the anonymous users.

By default:
    - No tracking for admin pages (/admin/)
    - No tracking for Authenticated Users
    - Intanal tracking system enabled.


To install this module, place it in your modules folder and enable it on the modules (Extend) page.


All settings for this module are on the Simple Analyse Module configuration page, under
(Administration -> Configuration -> Development -> Simple analyse settings).
You can visit the configuration page directly at /admin/config/development/analyse.
Only administrator can visit this page.

Statistic pages :
/simple_analyse/view/history    (Permission manageable)


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