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Project Name : Persistent Login project Link : Persistent Login
Created : 2015-07-20
Last Update : 2018-01-12
Current Version : 8.x-1.0-alpha4
Download Persistent Login 8.x-1.0-alpha4 Version From : Download


The Persistent Login module provides a "Remember Me" option on the user login form. Persistent Login is independent of the PHP session settings and is more secure (and user-friendly) than simply setting a long PHP session lifetime.

The 7.x version provides additional security by attempting to detect unauthorized re-use of tokens. For a detailed discussion of the design and security of Persistent Login, see Improved Persistent Login Cookie Best Practice.


  • Control how long user logins are remembered, before a user will have to enter their credentials again.
  • Control how many different persistent logins are remembered per user.
  • Control which pages a remembered user can or cannot access without explicitly logging in with a username and password (e.g. you cannot edit your account or change your password with just a persistent login). (7.x only)
  • A user can clear all of his/her remembered logins via their account page. (7.x)

Drupal 8 Status

Porting to Drupal 8 is ongoing. Follow #2493179: Port module to Drupal 8 for progress.
Alpha releases are feature incomplete, but should be stable.

Known Issues

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