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Responsive CSS menu | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Responsive CSS menu project Link : Responsive CSS menu
Created : 2016-03-02
Last Update : 2018-01-13
Current Version : 8.x-2.6
Download Responsive CSS menu 8.x-2.6 Version From : Download

This module integrates the mmenu jQuery plugin with Drupal's menu system with the aim of having an off-canvas mobile menu and a horizontal menu at wider widths. It integrates with your theme's breakpoints to allow you to trigger the display of the horizontal menu at your desired breakpoint. The mobile off-canvas menu is displayed through a toggle icon or with the optional integration of swipe gestures.

The horizontal menu supports drop downs of multiple levels with fly right or left items at deeper levels. It uses superfish (optional) for the drop downs.

This module comes with some basic css but needs customisation for your theme so requires some basic theming knowledge.

The recommended release is now the 2.x version. This version doesn't have an automatic upgrade path from 1.x so please read the instructions carefully.

The various versions of the module have differing set up instructions: