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Server Error 500

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Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server

Sometimes when migrating sites are switching between mod_php and FCGId permissions can get mangled which cause errors such as:

(104)Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server

when running in FCGId mode.

  • Go to /home/SITE_NAME/fcgi-bin
  • Use the follpwoing command to reset the immutable flag
    chattr -i php5.fcgi
  • Then delete the /home/sitename/etc and /home/sitename/fcgi-bin directories (making sure that anything that's not php related in etc is saved)
  • Using virtualmin switch back to apache mod_php mode and then back to FCGId mode. The site should now work Dont forget to chown any files/directories in public_html that were apache to : Note that these are both usually the sitename.
    Virtualmin > YOUR_V_SERVER > Server Configuration > Website Options > PHP script execution mode



please let me know your experience


Thu, 11/18/2021 - 10:15

If you've got in no way heard of the term "omnichannel", it is time which will sit up straight and take notice. It's one of the trends that has been picked up at the radar of large groups which includes Salesforce and Zendesk, turning into a part of decks of experts like McKinsey, and and being practiced by means of social channels like Twitter.

The purpose behind omnichannel engagement stems from the exploding numbers and styles of gadgets, and channels, available to clients to reach and engage with brands and corporations. When these channels end up available, purchaser anticipate companies to honor their commitment to those channels by way of absolutely attractive with them significantly on them, no matter what the causes are.

Read directly to study more about what omnichannel engagement is set, why it's vital to you, and the way you may capitalize on it to improve customer pride and worker happiness.

1. You're possibly doing it wrong

Omnichannel engagement is set imparting consistent experiences to clients and stakeholders across the complete gamut of possible mediums they may reach your business on.

Interactions with someone at a employer is probably one of the maximum private and cost-growing touchpoints for a patron; frustrations or inconsistency among the one of a kind channels will doubtlessly flip these touchpoints into ones that generate dissatisfaction rather than higher consumer equity. As such, it is extremely important which will understand each channel your customer reaches you on, and how to maintain it a pleasant revel in each time.

If you consider your personal commercial enterprise, what are some of the efforts that have been put in vicinity to help absolutely everyone in your group respond continuously to clients? Have you carried out education sessions, installation precedence lists, created a challenge force, and empowered your group with the proper replies?

2. It's changing the manner organizations are run

It was once that having a storefront become all you had to tend to. Eventually got here the telephone. And SMS. Then email. And now you have got all of the above plus the whole thing from Facebook and Twitter, to Google seek, to WeChat and WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat and new channels that appear to pop up every different day, that customers try and attain you on. Now, in case you're running a enterprise in 1995, you can escape with seeking to pressure your customers to call or e mail you with queries. Unfortunately (or fortuitously, depending on how you have a look at it), you're in 2015 and also you need to be prepared for this multitude of channels.

Having those channels does not simplest impact operations and customer service. It additionally impacts your advertising and branding, sales, finance, and human resource allocations, amongst other matters. Think approximately the capability of turning every of those touchpoints right into a emblem enjoy for the client; approximately how you can upsell your other merchandise based totally on channels; how you need to now lease "social media managers" on your crew... The impacts are massive, and you want to take into account they all as a whole when comparing how your commercial enterprise is going to thrive in this period.

Three. It's about fee, however now not pretty much earnings

When we speak about engagement, it's now not necessarily pointing best to income. Sales for your company can only come while you offer enough fee to customers. Back in Marketing one hundred and one, you could have heard of the 4Ps - Your Product, Place, Promotion factors need to be in region and supplying fee before you could even think about Price and how to get returned the price as a employer from customers.

For many organizations, omnichannel engagement may be incorporated into the product (for example, you have an app on cellphone, tablet and location), the distribution (you try to sell in a couple of channels like social and different eCommerce deal shops), and promotions (blasting your advert on offline and online media). Now, it is even more essential that you have some of these channels handy as it's surprisingly likely that your clients will vet you throughout numerous channels earlier than ultimately figuring out to choose you.

So if you think about it, until you're presenting enough price such that people want to pay you for it, you can not be pushing purely for earnings anymore - because human beings will discover. And even as you are there, you'd nice be providing superb customer service and aid - due to the fact considering the fact that you may promote them on those channels, you better be willing to help them there too.

4. Emerging traits in chat, wearables & IoT are impacting it

The buzzwords of our time are likely all in the factor you just read above (aside from artificial intelligence, a subject for every other day). However, they may be trends for a motive, and you need to be aware about them as they development into more mature purchaser-geared up technology.

Chat is already pervasive amongst clients, using at the coattails of the mobile fashion. Most possibly, you're analyzing this on cell while speaking to your pals on one of the 9 chat apps in your smartphone. With chat apps being the most used, highest-engagement apps in clients' lives, be prepared to have interaction them where they already stay. In countries like China, wherein channels inclusive of WeChat and QQ are typical amongst vocal clients, it's come to be vital for organizations to loaf around on the ones channels to handle service and sales queries around the clock. Looking at eCommerce players like Qoo10 and Taobao, you will additionally discover that chat has turn out to be imperative within the transaction process.

Wearables, as popularized with the aid of watches like Apple Watch and Pebble, in addition to health trackers like FitBit, also are becoming a part of clients' daily lives. Notifications and interactions have come to be even more personal and private, which means that that you could either be toward the client, or alienated from their digital existence. IoT (shortened from Internet of Things) follows as linked gadgets (many which might be related to interfaces on wearables and mobile) that could also ship you configuration logs and assist messages, to which you then must have even extra of a plan to discern out how exactly to address them, and characteristic them to a single purchaser.

Five. Your turning into-cell team of workers wishes to comprehend it

From the point of your team, it is also essential to understand that all of these new channels and developments may be perplexing. With so many extra channels to display, it'll get extra chaotic and tiring to manage. Without the proper training and empowerment, you can be leaving your crew to simmer in increasing disappointment as they battle to deal with new channel duties without centralized repositories of responses or visibility into how others within the crew are responding.

Workforces have become even greater cell nowadays, with dispensed groups and telecommuting becoming more not unusual over time. Not only should this shop journeying time, it can boom productivity via lowering interruptions to the day and permitting group participants to paintings each time they may be at their Thailand WhatsApp Number List. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)trend also means that teams at the moment are responsible for their personal use of telephones and other devices, and will bring in a real 24/7 related staff - subsequently making omnichannel, constantly-on communications even more important for groups.

6. Your customers anticipate it

The most critical component approximately being omnichannel is that your customers now count on it from you. As precis of all of the points listed above, we are able to conclude that due to the fact you've got these kind of channels installation and are, perhaps, promoting via them already, you may want to have a certain presence in servicing and supporting clients in those channels.

Customers don't see channels as channels in themselves - for this reason the experience needs to be seamless throughout they all. When you've got an difficulty, for example, do you observed of "X Company's Twitter" as special from "X Company's e mail"? Rather unlikely - you would see them as "X Company", and you will judge them based on how responsive, complete and constant they may be as they reply to you.

If you already assume this from the companies which you purchase from or do commercial enterprise with, then you want to keep in mind that your customers anticipate likewise from your enterprise.

7. It's now not as difficult as you think

All of those demands and tendencies may also sound daunting, but apprehend that they're there as a part of your existence as properly. You may communicate to one of a kind people on distinct systems, and post exclusive updates on specific social channels. Treat clients as humans - they're human, simply as our buddies are. While traces may additionally blur across channels, it really is in all likelihood because you should be seeing them as a whole and no longer simply as separate channels.


Thu, 11/03/2022 - 04:01

 As parts of our NBA 2K23 guide, are our top Power Forward builds, complete with Body Settings, Attributes, Takeover, and Badges guidelines. The latest generation of this build dominates inside the paint , both ends of the court, acting as a formidable defender and unrivalled rebounder in addition to being an extremely effective offensive player underneath the basket. This build can be upgraded to the maximum of 99 OVR rating, and may be upgraded with 66 Badge Points, including 22 finishing badge points, 13 Playmaking Badge Points and 31 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.
 It seems that Kings rookie Keegan Murray will be able to add his NBA 2K23 rating to provide incentive to excel in the 2022/23 NBA season. This past Tuesday NBA 2K released the ratings for the first five draft picks for the 2022 NBA Draft and the summer league MVP ranks for the third-highest rating among rookies.
 No. 1 overall choice Paolo Banchero and No. 3 Jabari's Smith both have a 78 rating while No. 2 choice Chet Holmgren has a score of 77. The two picks, Murray and the no. 5-pick Jaden Ivey are tied at 76 in spite of the former beating those picks previously mentioned in the summer. Even though it's a small sample size.
 This isn't the only time that Murray's talent has been overlooked. Earlier in September, ESPN experts gave the Kings rookie just 11.1 percent of the votes in the first place to get the Rookie of the Year award, with Banchero garnering 50 percent. It's true that ratings tend to fluctuate throughout the season so it's within the possibility of see Murray's rating rise to more than 80, considering he probably will be the key player for the Kings.
 NBA 2K23 is out and that means hoop heads as well as casual NBA fans will have about the length of a season's worth of arguments in the beginning, along with a few Amar'e Stoudemire dunk packages to choreograph. This guide will break down the brand new NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams. In this guide we're taking an in-depth look into the Phoenix Suns. If you're curious about who the Suns' best players might be, how their backcourt stands in the league, or which team positions may need an upgrade in MyNBA Eras. Then here's everything you have to know about new NBA 2K23 Suns roster.


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