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Raven Sentry client | Drupal 8 Project

Project Name : Raven Sentry client
Drupal.org project Link : Raven Sentry client
Created : 2015-12-02
Last Update : 2019-06-02
Current Version : 8.x-2.16
Download Raven Sentry client 8.x-2.16 Version From Drupal.org : Download

Raven module is a Drupal client for Sentry, an open source exception logging, aggregation and notification platform.

You can use the Sentry hosted service or download the Sentry app and install it on your own infrastructure (using e.g. Docker).

This module logs errors to Sentry in a few ways:

  • Register error handler for uncaught exceptions,
  • Register error handler for PHP errors,
  • Register error handler for fatal errors,
  • Handle watchdog messages, and
  • Handle JavaScript exceptions via Raven.js.

You can choose which errors you want to catch by enabling desired error handlers and selecting error levels.

Raven module can capture errors which would otherwise not be caught by Drupal watchdog: fatal PHP errors such as memory limit exceeded, as well as fatal JavaScript errors.

This module is not affiliated with Sentry. It was originally created by nodge and is now developed by mfb.

Raven graphic by Hugh D’Andrade (Creative Commons Attribution License).

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