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Organize the Features on Drupal

Submitted by editor on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 10:58

how to organize the features in drupal ?

What are the settings to use with each type of features ?

Settings to use with each type of features.

This tutorial is an example for the following Features Structure:

 - blocks/

 - content_types/
 - env/
 - feeds/
 - menus/
 - permissions/
 - roles/
 - settings/
 - taxonomy/
 - views/

Blocs: (Ex: fe_block_YOURBLOCKNAME)

- Block Settings (fe_block_settings). Start with the block name of one per each block

Content types: (Ex: fe_ct_article)

- Content types (node)
- STRONGARM (variable) settings with CT name (Ex: additional_settings__active_tab_article )
-> If not added separately, You can also add FIELD INSTANCES and FIELD GROUP of the CT. But not FIELD BASES. Because it is common for all content types.
-> Create a separate feature for FIELD BASES, Like fe_fb_body for the body field.

Menu: (Ex fe_menu_main)

- Menu (menu_custom)
-> Preferancely, Create one frature per menu.

Permissions: (Ex : fe_permissions)

- Permissions (fe_permissions)
- Roles (fe_roles)

Settings: (Ex : fe_settings_XXX)

- STRONGARM (variable)
- Any other settings. Here you can create one for all or one per each type of settings

Taxonomy: (Ex: fe_taxonomy_tags)

- Taxonomy (taxonomy)


Views: (Ex: fe_views_THEVIEWSNAME)

-Views (views_view)


You can also add dependencies for each features type.

This is Just an Example, you can organize your features as you want.

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